Webmaster - Easily publish a video on a web page

December 2016

Publishing a video on a web page is not always obvious: Depending on the format used (AVI, MPG, MOV ...), everyone does not necessarily have the right and proper codec/plugin to read them. In contrast, almost all browsers supports the Flash plugin (SWF). Flash is commonly for video streaming. Here's how to publish a video using Flash, thus making it available to a larger audience.

Windows - Convert video to FLV

Install a FLV converter

Download and install Riva FLV Encoder (Free - 4.9 MB).

Convert video to FLV

  • Select your video, choose the output name and format (resolution, number of frames / second, etc..), click on the "Encode" button and wait. This will generate a .FLV file.
  • The Riva encoder supports most of the popular formats: AVI, MPG, WMV and QuickTime. (list of supported video formats: http://rivavx.de/?encoderhelp).

Linux - Convert video to FLV

Install a FLV converter

Install ffmpeg.
  • For example, under Debian, type: sudo aptitude install ffmpeg

Convert video to FLV

  • Type: ffmpeg -i mavideo.avi mavideo.flv
  • The default rate is 200 kilo-bits/sec. (=25 kb/sec.)
  • If you want better quality, add the -b option to select the out put.
  • For example: ffmpeg -i myvideo.avi -b 512 myvideo.flv

Note: Some distributions come with a version of ffmpeg which is compiled without MP3 support (like Ubuntu). In this case, the conversion will be performed, but the video will be muted.

In this case:
  • Install multimedia codecs : sudo aptitude install mencoder lame
  • And finally to convert your video:
  • mencoder myvideo.avi -o myvideo.flv -of lavf -oac mp3lame -lameopts abr:br=56 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=flv:vbitrate=400:mbd=2:mv0:trell:v4mv:cbp:last_pred=3 -srate 22050 -lavfopts i_certify_that_my_video_stream_does_not_use_b_frames
  • This should fix the problem (successfully tested on Ubuntu 7.10).

Install the FLV player (Flash based player)

Create the HTML page

  • Copy your FLV file and flvplayer.swf in the same directory and create the HTML file.
  • Example:

  <title>My video</title>   
<object style="width:320px;height:260px">   
  <param name="movie" value="flvplayer.swf?file=myvideo.flv" />   
  <param name="quality" value="high" />   
<embed  width="320" height="260"  src="flvplayer.swf?file=myvideo.flv" quality="high" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" />   
  • It is up to you to adjust the size of the video (width and height) and the name of the flv file. (myvideo.flv).

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