Learn photography with SLR Camera Simulator

November 2016

"SLR camera simulator" is a tool dedicated to photographic technique, presenting all the constraints that a photographer may encounter. Fun and Free, the simulator is available on the page of the editor.

Once you opened the page an animation (scene) is displayed and its up to you to take the perfect shot. *The goal is to understand the impact of each setting and thier usefulness. The distance, focal length chosen, ISO sensitivity, Aperture and Shutter Speed, all parameters are present and can be freely manipulated. You also have access to three modes that allows you to play with these settings.
  • Note that: For more stability a tripod option is available.

The animation will suit to all modified settings:
  • Blurry image: visible if you aren't making use of a tripod for example, a long exposure time, camera shake. It is also visible when using a shutter speed too low.

  • Depth of field: by changing the aperture settings, you may attenuate the blur effect.
  • Digital Noise: it is more or less important depending on the sensitivity settings.

The simulator demonstrate that the parameters can be compensated, and that you must adjust each setting depending on the subject being photographed.
  • It helps to understand how a camera works.
  • On the website you will also find "The SLR camera Explained". A small animation showing how to use a camera and other practical information about the aperture, the shutter (for exposure time) and the sensor.

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