Images are not displayed on my website! What can be done?

December 2016

In a web page, the images are specified with the IMG tag, using the following notation:
  • <img src="name_of_image.ext"> 

The image format commonly used on the web are GIF, JPG and PNG. Its better to avoid using formats that are not recognized by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)
  • Make sure that the image name contains no spaces or special characters (such as accents).
  • With some browsers, the characters are encoded with "%" character .
  • For example, an empty space is represented by "% 20".
  • If the "%" character is present in the address, it means that the file name is incorrect.

In addition, the file path should preferably be specified as relative path:
  • If only the name of the image is specified, the image must be in the same folder as the html page, otherwise it *must indicate its relative location ( ../folder/img.jpg )

It is also possible to specify the full path, for example:

And as for all the links, the path to the image must be exactly the same in the page and throughout the site.
  • Note the the file name are case-sensitive.
  • For example, if the image is in: myimages/image_1.png
  • the link must be written as such:
    • <img src="myimages/image_1.png"> 
  • and not:
    • <img src="MyImages/image_1.png"> 

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