Excel - Define and store constant values

November 2016

You have created your table, and there are several constants that are used several times (VAT, rate schedule, etc. ..).
  • Basic solution 1: define them in your formulas, eg =C3*1,196.
  • Basic solution 2: you enter into cells and call these values whenever necessary
    • 1,196 in B1
    • You can have your total HT in B2
    • In C3: = B2*$B$1.... here $ you will copy the formula to other places, without modifying the references.

Another solution: for example, to obtain the VAT value in C3 based from a value stored in B2.
  • Go to: INSERT / NAME / DEFINE ... enter "VATrate", then down in "Refers to" enter 1.196 and validate.
  • In C3 enter : =B2*TVATrate

VATrate is a constant is stored as NAME, associated with a value.

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