Counter Strike: Text and menu titles are partially displayed

October 2017


I have a problem with Counter Strike. Menu titles and text are not properly displayed, some characters are missing. What can be done?


Here's a small procedure to handle this issue (as the text isn't displayed, you should follow the instruction carefully):
From the main menu:
  • 1. Click the fourth menu option (Options)
  • 2. A new window with 8 upper tabs opens, click on the 5th tab to the right
  • 3. In the next window that appears, there are four text boxes, two rows of two, click on the top left one.
  • 4.Highlight the first option from the drop down menu
  • 5.Click on the button in the complete bottom left corner of the screen to accept changes.

The game automatically restarts with properly visible text and menus.

Thanks to GeeOh for this tip.
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