AD Exchange

October 2016

AD Exchange

AD Exchange - Definition

An Ad Exchange is an online marketplace that facilitates interaction between vendors (web publishers, advertising agencies, advertising networks) and buyers (advertisers, media agencies, etc.).

Ad Exchange - Modus Operandi

The principle of operation is based on a real-time bidding mechanism (RTB - Real Time Bidding).
  • The vendors indicate the type of ads accepted, the selling price of advertising space (usually CPM or Cost Per Thousand impressions) and possibly a list of authorised / unauthorised advertisers.
  • Buyers indicate the target audience desired and the maximum amount they are willing to pay for the advertising space.
  • The Ad Exchange platform automatically manages the demands in exchange for a small fee.

There exists 2 types of Ad Exchange: Open Ad Exchange, allowing any publisher/advertiser to participate in the auction mechanism and Private Ad Exchange, where only a selection of advertisers and/or publishers are present.

Among the main AD Exchange services:
  • Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange.
  • Place Media.
  • Audience Square
  • Facebook Ad-Exchange
  • Hi-media AdExchange
  • Microsoft Ad-exchange

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