CCM - My Message is automatically deleted

September 2017

CCM - My Message is automatically deleted

You have published a message (discussion, commentary, opinion) on CCM and validated it. Upon returning the the page you noticed that the message is no longer


Two explanations are possible:

Your message has been deleted by a moderator

Read this article: My message was removed from the forum

Your message has been deleted by the CCM robot

If the posted message disappears when refreshing the web page, it has probably been deleted the "robot" of the website.
  • Moderators of are assisted by a robot that automatically deletes messages considered as off-charter.
  • The list of forbidden words is not published and there is no moderation email, in order to prevent filter-dodge.
  • The "bot" may sometime improperly remove a message.
  • In this case, you can report the issue clicking Report and politely explain the problem.
  • Moderation will then decide if the message can be restored.


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