Firefox: Managing plugins

September 2017

What is a Plugin?

  • Plugins are used by videos, animations and games displayed in webpages.
  • They are independent of Firefox and are developped by companies like Adobe Systems, Sun, and Apple.
  • Plugins are not always automatically updated.

Enable/ Disable a plugin

  • Open the Tools menu.
  • Choose Add-ons.
  • Click the Plugins tab.
  • Click on a plugin in the list.
  • Click Disable or Enable.

Warning: disabling a plugin means that you won't be able to do certain things. For example, if you disable Flash, most video streaming websites won't work.

Why you need to update the plugins?

  • Outdated plugins can interrupt browsing and waste your time.
  • Outdated plugins increase the risk of attack by malicious software, virus and other threats.
  • Updated plugins benefit from improvements making the web better and safer for you.

How to update your plugins?

First method

Open Firefox and go to this link
The list of available updates will be displayed:

Second method

  • Open the Tools menu.
  • Choose Add-ons.
  • Click the Plugins tab.
  • Click on the blue link "check to see if your plugins are up to date".


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