Manage your social profiles with HootSuite

October 2017

HootSuite is a virtual dashboard that allows you to manage all your social profiles via a single interface: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Google Plus, etc..
It also allows you to perform several task, such as the monitoring of online trends, sharinf information through the publications on social networks and of course the moderation of comments on your different social profiles. Here's a small presentation of the features of the popular social aggregator!

What is HootSuite?

HootSuite is an online application that allows you to control and manage via a single dashboard, all the activities performed on your various social profiles.
  • Twitter
  • Facebook (and Facebook page)
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Foursquare

The HootSuite dashboard can be customized and enriched with other social channels available via the Hootsuite applications directory:
  • Socialcast
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Tumblr
  • Evernote
  • Flickr
  • Yammer
  • RSS Reader
  • Slideshare
  • Viadeo
  • etc..

HootSuite is available in three versions:
  • Free (limited to 5 social profiles)
  • Pro ($ 9.90/month)
  • Business.

Pro and Enterprise versions offer some additional features: unlimited number of social profiles, collaborative tools, statistical analysis tools, etc..

HootSuite: for which users?

HootSuite is designed for users who are particularly active on various social networks and willing to consolidate via a single interface the management tools for their different accounts. It allows them to:*save time.
  • better visualize their activity streams.
  • Optimize the monitoring of trendy topics.

The different categories of users include:
  • marketing professionals,
  • communication professionals
  • e-reputation professionals
  • community managers.

HootSuite: managing your Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus account

Manage a Twitter account from HootSuite

HootSuite allows you to manage one or more Twitter accounts.
Among the features available:
  • Sending and scheduling tweets
  • Advanced search by keywords
  • View conversations flow depending on several criteria: direct messages, tweets, lists etc..

Manage a Facebook Page from HootSuite

The integration of a Facebook profile or Facebook Page under Hootsuite allows you to:
  • Publish and schedule updates.
  • Publish images.
  • Moderate comments.
  • Generate news feeds, status updates, photos, videos, events, scheduled messages, private messages..etc.

Manage a Google + account from HootSuite

  • Among the features available:
  • Publish and schedule updates.
  • Share documents or photos.
  • Add and delete comments.
  • Generate custom news feeds.

Generate news feeds for the dashboard

After adding various social profiles to HootSuite, the first step is to organize the dashboard. Reminder: the free version supports up to 5 social profiles. Each profile represents a social dashboard tab. For each tab, you can create a number of news feeds ("add a feed") that are represented by columns.

Managing publications

The publications manager/editor is available at the top of the screen and allows you to control what is being published on various social channels (separately or simultaneously). The editor is common to all publications platforms (limit of 140 characters for Twitter), and includes
  • The field for the message composition.
  • An insertion tool for link.
  • A feature for image/document insertion.
  • A tool for configuring the rule of confidentiality of the message
  • A geolocation tool
  • A schecduler

Scheduling publications on HootSuite

The publication manger provides two scheduling modes for your publications: either manually (year, month, hour of choice) or automatically. Automatic scheduling of publications (available on web and mobile) is called "AutoSchedule" and will automatically determines the optimal timing of publication, depending on selected social network. It is intended to assist users in optimizing the impact and reach of their messages on various social channels.

Collaborate in real time on HootSuite

"Hootsuite Conversations" is a communication tool integrated to Hootsuite. It is available for Free, Pro and Enterprise versions.
It includes a chat module specifically designed for marketing teams, campaigning for visibility on social networks, and wishing to exchange information on the actions that need to be taken (discuss strategies, encourage users to disseminate the right messages through their own social networks, comments and "re-tweet). It can be activated directly from the dashboard (top right): invitations to join the conversation are made by email.
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