Opera - CSS

December 2016

Custom styles under Opera!

CSS can be used to change the appearance of a website. Under Opera, it is possible to add your some custom styles to a website..

Locate the style folder

  • The CSS styles are located in a particular folder of Opera. To find this folder:
  • Click on the Opera button > Help > About Opera.
  • Locate the "CSS directory" :

Create your style

Go to the "CSS directory" and create a folder for the site you want to add a custom style.
In our example "CCM".

Put your CSS file with styles,in the CCM folder:
.disc_wait { 
 color: blue !important; 
 font-weight: bold !important; 

Apply the CSS

  • Go to the site (e.g commentcamarche.net in this example) and right click on the page > Edit site preferences.
  • Go to the Display tab.
  • Under "My style sheet", enter the path to your CSS file.
  • Click on OK to validate and reload your page.
  • With the code suggested above, you should see unanswered question of the forum, displayed in bold:

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