March 2017


LISA is a web interface to manage a very light Ubuntu or Debian server remotely via a web browser.
Developed in PHP with a MySQL database.


- Stop and restart the OS
- Access to the data: CPU, Disk Space, Video Card, RAM, active connection, process etc ...
- Create a unique user or batch users.
- Remove user
- Creation of groups
- Remove group
- Add, delete, move a user from a group.
- Ajaxterm must be installed in order to use command line.
- Start/Stop/Restart some services such as: network interface, apache, mysql, samba, cups, dhcp, vftpd.
- Mounting and unmounting USB devices and CD-ROM.
- File Manager to browse the tree of the OS.
- The ability to automatically update the software online.

Note that

When a user is created with LISA, he will have access to a web server and a database.
The user is also known as Samba, if a samba server exists.
ormation system.



1 - Unzip the file
2 - root of your web server.
3 - sudo chown -R www-data /var/www/LISA
4 - Enter the URL of your server http://ip_of_serveur/LISA or http://locahost/LISA
5 - Follow the instructions.


Published by jak58.
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