JSDK - Java Servlet Development Kit

October 2017

JSDK (Java Servlet Development Kit) is a package containing all the classes and interfaces needed to develop servlets. JSDK also contains a web server and servlet engine to test your creations. The servlet engine provided in JSDK is a basic one(but free). There are many other servlet engines much more robust and can be interfaced with most major web servers of the market.


JSDK Sun is available for download from the Sun website:

Installing JSDK

To install JSDK simply decompress the archive (using the tar command in Unix systems) or doublie-click on the executable under Windows.
Simply copy the file tree:
  • either in the root directory of the JDK, no configuration is necessary.
  • or in any directory. You must then update the path (PATH) and the path to the classes (CLASSPATH).

To verify that the installation was performed correctly, simply start the servletrunner utility, the servlet engine included in the JSDK, that is to say, a basic server running on port 8080. If JSDK utility is correctly installed servletrunner should return the following lines:
servletrunner starting with settings : 
port = 8080 
backlog = 50 
max handlers = 100 
timeout = 5000 
servletdir = ./examples 
document dir = ./examples 
servlet propfile = ./examples/servlet.properties 

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