Customizing Mantis BT

December 2016


Mantis is a license free program giving the rig everyone the right to any one to use, study, modify, duplicate, make and sell such software without consideration.

We will focus primarily on customizing Mantis.

Changing the screen "show bug"

To change this display just:
  • Go at the level of directory Mantis BT Web Server
  • Go to Directory Core
  • Edit the file Custom_Function_api.php

  • Add the fields you want to view

Adding a parameter

  • Following this change the display of BUGS will change.
  • It should be noted that export excel takes into account the parameters already configured in the DISPLAY BUGS section :

Limiting access for a user group

  • Go at the directory level Mantis BT Web Server
  • Go to Core Directory
  • Edit the file constant_inc.php. Just change the values in red for each user.

The JPGRAPH add-on

  • To implement the addon you should download the package from this *website
  • Unzip to a directory Mantis/plug-ins
  • then in the file mantis\onfig_defaults_inc.php, start modifying from line 481:

$g_use_jpgraph			= 1;
$g_jpgraph_path	 = '/wamp/www/mantis/plugins/jpgraph/src/';

And finally insert'at line 26 of the''\mantis\plugins\jpgraph\src\jpgraph.php''

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