CCM - Add / edit an article in the Knowledge Base

September 2016

Contributors main function is to add or modify the FAQ's articles, in the different sections of CCM:

Before adding any new article, have a search in the FAQ or How To, to avoid creating duplicate.
  • Open the FAQ
  • To add a new article, click on the green button "Add a new article", at the top of the page:

  • To modify an article, click on the blue button "Edit" at the top of the article's page:

  • This is the interface to create articles :


    • Title: Title of the article
    • Category: to put the article in the category it depends among 17 categories and subcategories
    • Insert a picture: to insert images, read this article
    • Article: to add or modify the article (text, images, videos). Tools for formatting (bold, italic, underline, code ...) are available over the field
    • Suggested links: during the writing, links are suggested for you to accept if they help understanding the article


    • Comments: to describe any modification done in the article, it appears in the history of the article.
    • Preview: berfore to record your article or your modifications, you have to preview it. Take the opportunity to check it. Several choices are available:


      • Save: to save your article in the FAQ
      • Back to editing: to modify the article during wrinting, if the preview need it.
      • Close: The article is not recorded, but always in preview. To continue to modify it, click on the blue button "Edit"

Usage: If you want to modify the content of an article primary written by an other contributor, you have to contact him berfore to modify it.

Tip: you can read the "History" tab, containing all the versions of this article, and the comments of any modifications.
  • By clicking on "Show", you can read each version of the article

  • The tab Differences, which appears when you are showing a version of the article, indicates each modification made in this version

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