Text size is too large under Ubuntu

December 2016

Most of people thinks that the default Text size in Ubuntu is a bit too big.

Here's how to fix:

For Ubuntu

  • Go to System> Preferences> Fonts
  • Select "Best contrast" (which gives a better readability when fonts are a little smaller)
  • Click "Details"
  • In the window that appears, change the value 96 (Resolution) by 80.

Over the entrance is small, most fonts are small.

For Xubuntu

Xubuntu does not use Gnome, the configuration is different.
XFCE does not display any configuration for IPR.

Open a text editor and create a file named .Xresources in your home directory.
Put in the following line:
Xft.dpi: 90
Restart session an see the difference.

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