Tools for inventory and fleet management (free,open source)

September 2017

There are several software available for inventory and fleet management that can be used in an organization or association. While plenty of expensive inventory control software is available in the market, the internet offers a plethora of free downloadable inventory tools. Free tools like OCS Inventory, GLPI, H-Inventory, openNMS, OUAPI can be downloaded from the internet very easily. The inventory control software can be used to make a complete inventory list of all the hardware such as RAM, processors, hard disks on a computer as well as software licenses installed on a networked Windows or Linux computer automatically.


For those wishing to keep an inventory of their fleet management in their company, organization or association, there are several free tools allowing you to make a complete inventory of the hardware (processor, RAM, disk, etc..) and software (licenses, etc..) installed on all the computers on the network, whether on Linux or Windows.

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Some of the examples are listed below:


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