3D TV - What are the required equipments, accessories..

December 2016

Learn all about the essential accessories to supplement your 3D TV!


  • To enjoy the 3D technology, you will first need to purchase to a 3D TV.

Blu-ray Player

You will also need to purchase a Blu-ray player: it is the only format that can support 3D movies.
  • Blu-ray players can play standard DVD and will optimize the display of your movies (HD 1080p).
  • The Blu-ray also offers an image quality far superior to conventional DVD players: the image resolution is four times higher than a standard DVD. Thus, the colors are very subtle and realistic (colors, gradients, ...), the textures are almost palpable (grain leather, materials, reflections), details in backgrounds are highly visible and give a real depth to image.
  • Using the HDMI connection standard, only a single cable is required to transmit video and audio in high definition
  • The Blu-ray player can also access the disc menu without stopping the movie.
  • The sound quality is significantly improved through the adoption of Dolby True HD and DTS-HD formats.\

Gaming console - Playstation 3

3D Blu-Ray support was added since version 3.50 of the Playstation 3 firmware.

3D Video Projector

3D HD Video Projectors are an alternative to 3D televisions.

3D glasses

Passive 3D glasses

The passive 3D glasses are a legacy technology (red and blue glasses). Basically, two images superimposed: one through a red filter and the other one through a blue filter. Both images are projected simultaneously on the same screen.
  • With the new polarization technology, the 3D glasses do not need to be red and blue.
  • Passive glasses are lighter and cheaper than active glasses.
  • The rendering of images are very good, however, the image quality is lower than that obtained with active glasses.

3D active glasses

  • Active 3D glasses contain electronics: a small electronic shutter system that allows the glasses to alternately sync what's being seen by right and the left eye.
  • The advantage of this technology is that each eye sees a "full image": resolution is therefore better.

Universal 3D Glasses

  • Xpand has launched Universal 3D glasses, which can be used on all brands of 3D TVs.
  • The X103 glasses work on DLP, LCD and plasma televisions, desktop and laptop computers.
  • They are available in different colours and sizes, including a special size for children.

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