VBA - Getting started with the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications editor

October 2017

This is a short introduction to the VBA editor and of its different components..

How to access the editor?

To access the VBA editor, simply press the keyboard shortcut ALT + F11 from any active sheet of your workbook.


The VBA-Project window:

The window at the top left (see picture above) lists all the modules in your workbook. You will find:
- Objects in your workbook, including the sheets, the ThisWorkbook object, the graphs etc..
- The standard modules,
- Class modules,
- UserForms.
Note: To insert one of these items in your project, simply click on the Insert menu.

The Properties window

The window at the bottom left (see picture above) lists the main properties of the selected object or module.

The main window

This window occupies the central position of the editor. It's there where you write your code.
Good luck in your projects ...
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