Partition Merge

September 2016

A partitioned hard drive may be merged with another partition if there is a constraint of space storage in one partition. The partition with which the merging has to be done should be empty to avoid overwriting files. The partitioning process can be done in two ways. With the help of Windows Vista, two partitions can be merged through the Control Panel but depending on the Home or the Classic view, the procedure will vary. Partitioning can also be done with the help of software like Norton Partition Magic and the Paragon Partition Magic.

If you have a partitioned hard drive and you are running out of space on one of them, you can choose to merge it with another partition. You must however note that the other partition should be completely empty to avoid some files bearing the same name to be overwritten.

Merge two partitions with Windows Vista

  • 1. Go to the Start menu and open Control Panel
  • 2. Select the System and Maintenance option if you are using the Control Panel Home View and Administrative Tools if you are using the Classic View
  • 3. In the Administrative Tools section, select Create and format disk partitions
  • 4. For Classic View users, select the Computer Management option and select Storage. When done, click Disk Management
  • 5. When the list of your drives is displayed, choose the one with which you want to merge your partitioned drive with (e.g. disk D:) and select Delete Volume
  • 6. Then, select your drive C: and the option Extend Volume. You computer will automatically select empty available spaces on your hard disk, and you can alter them if you wish to do so.

Merge two partitions with a particular software

You can use particular software that will handle this task for you.

Norton Partition Magic
Download Link:

Paragon Partition Manager
Download Link:

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