Twitter - From A to Z

October 2017

Twitter - From A to Z

With over 500 million users, Twitter is one of the largest social network. How does Twitter works? Why you should open an account? Learn all you need to know about Twitter:

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging platform that integrates all the aspects of a social network. It allows you to send short messages known as tweets. Twitter is a place for public interaction, where everyone is free to share an discuss about various topics. However, it is possible to make your account visible to a small group of people (subscribers), it is called the private mode.

How does Twitter works?

Create an account on Twitter

A tweet in 140 characters

Messages shared on Twitter are limited to 140 characters. A tweet can contain:
  • text
  • links (use a URL shortener to reduce the number of characters).
  • a photo
  • localization data

To send a tweet, just click on the blue icon at the top right or write directly under "Write a new tweet" field on the left.

Twitter - Glossary

To understand the terms used on Twitter:
  • Subscriptions: a user/account being followed
  • Followers: People who follow other members.
  • Direct messages (or DM): private messages
  • Hashtags: clickable keywords preceded by a "#" used to organize the content on Twitter.
  • Mention: include the "@username" of a user in his tweet.
  • Retweet (or RT): re-publish the tweet from another user.
  • Trends (or trending topics): real time trends of the most cited hashtags.
  • Timeline: news feeds with all the tweets from a user subscriptions

Why should you subscribe to Twitter?

  • Follow the news from an institution or body, a newspaper or person and being able to interact with them.
  • Comment live TV show, an event, a topic etc.
  • Get help from a community by asking questions.
  • Relaying information, articles, photos, etc..

Integrate a tweet to a website

  • Mouse over the tweet
  • Click "... More".
  • Click on "Insert tweet" and then paste the code on the website.

Additional services available on Twitter

There are many tools and external applications to optimize the use of Twitter:
  • Buffer: schedule tweets and analyze their range/efficiency.
  • Tweetdeck: a global view of the current news feed of one or more Twitter accounts.
  • Vine: publish short videos on Twitter (maximum duration 6 seconds).

Tweeter on your mobile

Get Twitter for your mobile:
SnapKeys: a four-button keypad (app) to facilitate the writing of your tweets on smartphone and tablets.

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