How to reset your smartphone and what are the precautions to be taken?

October 2017

How to reset your smartphone and what are the precautions to be taken?

Smartphone: What is a reset?

The reset procedure will restore your smartphone to its initial configuration. Clearing all stored data, custom user settings, installed apps, saved passwords, user accounts....etc

When should you reset your smartphone?

  • Device is locked or frozen.
  • Experiencing serious slowdown
  • Virus infection
  • Unable to reboot the smartphone

What does it involve?

  • Resetting the smartphone will delete all stored data (contacts, photos, etc. ..) on the unit and all installed apps.
  • The data stored on the memory card will not be erased.

Precautions to be taken before resetting your smartphone

Conduct tests/verifications

The reset procedure should considered a last resort.
Perform the following tests first:
  • Restart smartphone: test its behavior by opening applications
  • Identify potential hardware failure: component failure, battery failure, the SIM card or memory card.


It is necessary to backup all your important data, settings and applications before resetting the smartphone:
  • Save data (file, photos) on external media (memory card)
  • Use the backup settings of the smartphone: on Android (Settings > Settings, Save and Reset), it is possible, to save Wi-Fi passwords, browser bookmarks and apps downloaded from Google Play.
  • Use a backup software: G Cloud backup allows you to backup your SMS, contacts, call history, documents, settings, photos, music, videos and other data stored on your smartphone.

Reset your Android Smartphone

The procedure will slightly vary depending on the release of Android and phone model. In general:
  • Menu> Settings> Privacy> Reset phone
  • Menu> Backup> Reset phone.

Reset the iPhone

  • Simultaneously hold down the Power/Sleep + Home button for 10 seconds (Until the Apple logo is displayed).

Reset a Windows Phone 8

  • From the Start screen, swipe to the left to access the App list.
  • Go to Settings > About > Reset your phone.
  • Tap on Yes to confirm.

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