How to access and use the BIOS?

March 2018

How to access and use the BIOS?

How to navigate through the BIOS settings? As you will notice the mouse is not active in the BIOS.
In this article you will learn how to access and navigate through the BIOS settings using a set of dedicated hot keys.
  • Note that: The hotkeys may slightly differ depending on the BIOS implementation.

Accessing the BIOS:

To access the BIOS, you will need to hit of of the below keys upon booting your computer:
  • Esc
  • F2
  • F5
  • F8
  • Del

Navigating through the BIOS:

Move through the menus using:
  • Arrows keys
  • TAB
  • Home / End
  • Pg Up / Pg Dn

Select the menu of your choice using the:
  • Enter key

Change values using:
  • numerical keys
  • + / -
  • Letter keys
  • arrow keys
  • Backspace and / or Delete / Del (to delete a character).

Confirm with:
  • Y or N (Yes or No)
  • Enter

Exiting the BIOS

To exit the BIOS:
  • Esc
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart your PC (not recommended).
  • In some cases you can: Exit without saving changes or Save changes and exit.
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