Secure your data and protect your privacy on the internet

December 2016

Secure your data and protect your privacy on the internet

After the Snowden's case, data security and anonymity on the Internet has become a major issue. Here below, are some simple tricks protect your privacy when browsing the web.

What's the point of collecting data?

The digital data collected are generally used in three ways:
  • For targeted advertising.
  • As part of a malicious operation (fraud or identity theft).
  • For the security of a country.

Make a secure use of your browser:

To secure your data on the Internet, you can start with your browser. Some of the best practices:

Empty the cache and browsing history regularly

All traces of your online activities are stored in the cache. To avoid the accumulation of these data, consider emptying the cache regularly:
  • Chrome: press "Ctrl + H" > "Clear Browsing Data"
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer: press "Ctrl + Shift + Delete".

Opt for private browsing

Most browser provide an option to use the Internet without leaving a trace (Private Browsing):
  • Chrome: " Ctrl + Shift + N "
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer: "Ctrl + Shift + P".

Configure your browser security settings

Before using the Internet , it is important to check the security settings of your browser. To access the security settings:
  • Chrome: Settings > Advanced
  • Firefox : Tools > Options > "Privacy" and "Security" tabs
  • Internet Explorer : Internet Options > "Privacy" and "Security" tabs

Secure your mailbox

  • To exchange messages securely, its better to use a mail client software rather than the web-mail service (Gmail , Yahoo , hotmail etc. . ) .
  • It is also possible to use encryption software like PGP or GPG to encrypt the data contained in your e-mails.

Privacy on social networks

  • Most social networks, if not all, collect the data from their users. It is difficult to bypass this process when using Facebook for example. But still you can configure the confidentiality settings of your profile page to limit the visibility of your personal data.

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