Outlook - Tracking your emails

December 2016

Add tracking information to e-mail

Outlook provide several tools to track your emails:
  • Delivery and read receipt: receive notifications upon delivery or opening (reading) a message.
  • Vote: To answer by Yes or No to a simple survey or add other voting buttons . Results are tracked and counted.
  • Follow-up actions: to apply a flag to a message that requires action on your part or that of a recipient.

Delivery and read receipt

A delivery receipt confirming that the email has been delivered to the inbox of the recipient, but it won't indicate if recipient has not seen or read the message. A

read receipt tells you that a message has been opened. In both cases, you receive a notification message in your inbox.
It should be noted that the message recipient can refuse to send a read receipt (this option may be set as default). In addition, some email programs do not support the sending of read receipts. To add a delivery or read receipt in your emails:
  • Go to the Options tab > Tracking
  • Check:
    • Request a Delivery Receipt
    • Request a Read Receipt

Voting buttons

Under Outlook 2010, you can easily conduct a survey by including voting buttons in your email messag The votes of the recipients will be send to your inbox.
  • In the message window, go to the Options tab > Tracking
  • Click Use Voting Buttons and choose one of the following:
    • Approve;Reject : to be used for an application or proposal.
    • Yes, No : Where only 2 possible anwers are available.
    • Yes, No, Maybe: this voting option offers recipients with a third choice.
    • Custom: to create your custom response buttons.

Add a flag to a message

  • You can add a flag to a message (as a reminder):
  • Simply right-click on the small Flag icon next to the message of your choice and choose your settings:

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