Online News media - The innovations

December 2016

Augmented reality, live news, QR codes, what are the latest innovations of the online mass media industry?

AR - Augmented Reality

  • A computer-generated sensory input technology for superimposing realistic virtual objects/environment (2D or 3D) in an image sequence or in our field of vision.

Web documentaries

  • The web documentary is another form of storytelling (online and interactive). This technique allows the combination several web formats and multimedia items: image , text, sound, video, navigation keys, custom menus ...
  • The web documentary allows the "user" to navigate freely through the different sections, themes, listen to testimonies, record data, share expertise ... The essence of a web documentary is to be interactive.

QR Codes

  • QR codes are inserted in publications and allow the users to have access additional information (images, video, TV report...), using a QR code reader (app, mobile phone, a tablet, ... ).

Online news (Live)

  • Another innovation of the news media industry: online news and the possibility of live event broadcast.

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