How to extend the battery life of your iOS device

September 2016

With each update, iOS introduces new features. Unfortunately, some of them are resource intensive and may rapidly deplete the battery of your device.
Here are some tips to prevent your iPhone from running out of power too quickly!


Limit the use of multiple resource-intensive applications.
When you open multiple applications, they remain active in the multitasking, uselessly consuming battery power. Do not forget to close those you no longer require!
You can also select the apps you want to run in the background .
  • Open Settings > General> Update in the background.


  • Geolocation should be used wisely (when needed).
  • Just go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services >
  • All the apps having access to location services are listed here.
  • Turn off the unnecessary ones.

Spotlight Search

Go to Settings > General> Spotlight Search > Uncheck the unnecessary apps.

Automatic Updates

The latest versions of iOS includes automatic updates. This feature might consume the battery at the wrong moment (when you are almost out of battery).
  • Open Settings> iTunes Store and App Store >
  • Then select what needs to be updated automatically and uncheck unnecessary items.

Adjust the Screen timeout settings

The screen time out settings of iOS can be adjusted:
  • Go to Settings > Auto-Lock.
  • Set the auto-lock settings to 1 minute.

Disable mobile data

In some situations you can disable the mobile data connection (without losing the ability to make calls on your iPhone): iPhone - Disable 3G or 4G

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