Choosing the right password

December 2016

Choosing the right password

Nowadays, we need passwords for almost everything: access our emails or social network, messaging apps, access to our files stored in the cloud, pay our bills ... It's not an easy task to remember everything.
  • We tend to use the same password everywhere. This is a very bad idea: If someone manages to find your password, he will gain access to all your private data.
  • When using different passwords, we tend to forget them.
  • We tend to choose simple passwords ( easier to remember ), but it also becomes easier for hackers to guess it.
  • We use softwares create, manage, store our passwords, which is a dangerous pratice as piracy is always possible and in case of problem (crash, reinstallation of the OS) you lose all your passwords.

A good password meet the following criterias:
  • Lengthy - more than 8 characters
  • Contain several types of characters - letters, numbers and symbols.

So how to choose a password which is both complex and easy to remember?

An effective method

Here is an effective method:
  • Choose a sentence
  • Take the first letter of each word
  • Add a few numbers and symbols.

An example:
  • The pen is mightier than the sword
  • Which gives: Tpimtts
  • Adding numbers and symbols : Tpimtts7%3

In this way, you will get lengthy password and virtually impervious to Dictionary Attacks..

Choosing a different password for each website

You should never use the same password on several sites.
Using the method explained above, you can create a password out of a phrase related to the site, for example :
  • "I love my Canon EOS 300D " on Flickr. com ---> IlmCE3
  • "Death to spammers" on Gmail. ---> Dts777

Other solutions

There are single Sign-On solutions: OpenID.
  • You can use a single identifier on access websites using OpenID site.
  • The list of websites using OpenID:
  • Once you have created an account on one of these sites, you can login automatically on all other services using the OpenID standard.

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