Removing ads in Opera

March 2017

Eliminate the ads in Opera


  • Opera has a feature allowing you to block items from web pages.
  • You can add a filter by going to: Tools/Advanced/blocked content/ then add.
  • Items that you add are stored in the file "urlfilter" in the preferences folder of Opera.
  • To see where this folder, type "opera: about" in the address bar.

Removing the ads

  • You need a "urlfilter" well stocked up to block the ads!
  • You can find more of these files on the web.Heres a good example from le hollandais volant : **
  • Simply save this file and put it in Opera's preferences folder. (It is described in the file, but it is allthought visible when you type "opera:about" in the address-bar and then, find "opera folder" in that page.)

Using an Add-On (Opera 11)


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