How to uninstall iLivid

December 2016

iLivid is a set of ad-supported softwares (iLivid toolbar, iLivid download manager, iLivid video plugin). It is often bundled with other free programs or distributed via video streaming websites. Upon installation, iLivid will take control of the search engine and the homepage of your browser (, delta search...). You can easily uninstall iLivid apps or toolbars, via the Control Panel, reset your browser settings...., but that won't be enough. You will noticed that the search engine or homepage of your web browser can't be changed! In this FAQ you will learn how to get rid of iLivid:

Control panel

Open the Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.Uninstall iLivd and all related softwares.

Clean your web-browsers

  • Uninstall parasite extensions:
    • Firefox: Open Tools > Add-ons > Extension tab.
    • Google Chrome: Click top right menu > Tools > Extensions.

AdwCleaner by Xplode

AdwCleaner is a tool for disinfecting adwares. Launch AdwCleaner and click Remove. Wait for the analysis to be completed. You may then need to reboot the computer after the scan.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes is a disinfection tool that can handle residue left behind after scanning with AdwCleaner. Click "Updates" > "Search for updates", then launch a full scan. Once complete, click "Show results". Select detected items and choose "Remove Selected".

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