PortableApps - Manage your portable apps

December 2016

PortableApps - Manage your portable apps

PortableApps by PortableApps.com allows to download and manage the portable version of your favorite apps.



These are free programs that doesn't require installation.

Download/install PortableApps

  • Simply download and install PortableApps
  • It is highly recommended to install the application on a USB key, external hard drive or cloud drive .
  • Once installed, PortableApps will display a list of available apps (Portable App Directory):
  • Select the apps you want to download and click on Next.
  • Once downloaded, they can be accessed via the PortableApps home menu:

Manage your apps

  • You can add new programs to PortableApps, by selecting them from the Portable App Directory.
  • To uninstall a program: Right-click > Uninstall
  • NB: PortableApps will automatically manage the update of your portable applications.

Backup & restore

  • Click on the Backup button and select the folder in which you want to save your current profile.
  • By default, the backup is made in the zip format.
  • To restore your profile, click on the Backup button > Restore from file.

You can also backup the "PortableApps" folder manually.
  • Transferring an unzipped version of backup file on a USB key, will allow you to use PortableApps on multiple PC, without any limitation.Transferring
  • Your portable apps are automatically updated and you won't have to install anything on the other devices.
  • You will also notice that copying the unzipped backup file take more time than copying the zipped version.
    • This is due to the fact that the key needs more time to copy multiple individual files.
    • It also depends on the number of applications installed.

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