Windows Defender

March 2017

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is antispyware/malware software by MICROSOFT.
It should be noted that the Windows XP/Seven version is not the same as Windows 8 (described below).

Windows Defender for XP / Vista / Seven

This version of Windows Defender is limited to anti-spyware detection and removal.


Windows Defender.

Windows Defender for Windows 8

Windows Defender for Windows 8 version is different, as it also integrates the features of an antivirus software (even though it has the same appearance as the previous versions) .
  • Windows Defender for Windows 8 includes both the features of "Microsoft Security Essential" and "Windows Defender" of Windows 7.
  • Windows Defender will automatically activate if there is no antivirus software is installed.


To Disable Window Defender:
  • On the Start Screen, type "Windows Defender"
  • Launch the program.
  • Go to the Tools tab > Settings
  • Go to the Administrator section and uncheck "Turn on Windows Defender".

Disable the warning message

Once Windows Defender is disabled , you will get the following warning message:
  • "Turn on virus protection - Virus protection is turned off. Tap or click on Windows Defender."

To disable this message:
  • Open the Action Center and click on
  • Click on "Turn off messages about spyware and unwanted software protection"


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