Taking a Screenshot - Keys to Use

September 2016

You want to save an image (jpg, png...) of what is being displayed on your screen (take a screenshot), but can't find the Print Screen key? Well there are several type of keyboards and sometimes the Print Screen key is named differently.

Finding the right key

Try to look for the following entries: Print Screen, Print Sc, Pr Sc, PRTSC, etc. On laptops computers using keyboards with a compact layout, the Print Screen key is often combined with other keys (UpperCase, LowerCase, Fn). You will easily identify keys with dual functions: the primary function is written in white while the secondary function is generally written in blue. Most of the time, to take a screenshot you will need to press the Fn key + Printscreen key.

How to check if the screenshot has been taken?

What should I expect when I press this button? Nothing, there won't be any visual or audio notification to indicate that the screenshot has been taken! Pressing the Print Screen key will save an image of your screen to the clipboard. From there your can open Paint or Word and press CTRL + V (Paste).

Other configurations

Sometimes pressing the print screen alone won't be enough to take a screenshot. The only solution is to try the following key combinations one after the other, until you find the right one.
  • FN + key
  • CTRL + key
  • SHIFT+ key
  • ALT + key
  • Altgr + key

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