How to recruit on LinkedIn

September 2016

How to recruit on LinkedIn

With a community of 300 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the most used online platform for recruitment. Its success is mainly due to the evolution of recruitment methods: for businesses and professionals alike, the early stages of recruitment are done through the internet. To meet the needs of professionals, LinkedIn has introduced several tools. What are these tools? How can companies take advantage of the professional social network for recruitment?

LinkedIn expands its services through professional networking. It is also a platform where companies can communicate about their activities and develop business relationships (B2C - Business to Customers or B2B - Business to Business). LinkedIn offers several services to its members : business pages, sponsored content, "Showcase pages" for products and brands ...
By allowing users to showcase their skills and experience, LinkedIn also promotes e-recruitment.

Recruiting through a professional social network

Internet has revolutionized job search. Candidates begin their job search by uploading their CVs on dedicated online platforms. Digital identity is particularly important to the candidates. According to a survey conducted in April 2014 by, 82% of respondents have a professional online profile. The same survey estimates that 33% of respondents publish content online to promote their expertise or skills.

This revolution has also affected the recruitment methods of the companies as it facilitates access to the information about potential candidates.
The benefits of recruiting through LinkedIn
  • Easy access to user groups based on their training or professional interests
  • More detailed and reliable information about their backgrounds and skills

For the company, the process can be conducted in several ways:
  • view candidate profiles,
  • publication of a pro-active ads
  • search for a particular profile.

LinkedIn also provides recruiters and HR with dedicated tools: LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Careers.

How to recruit on LinkedIn?

Optimize corporate presence on the social network

A corporate LinkedIn page is where the candidates will get a first glimpse of the company.
Learn more about best practices for creating and managing a LinkedIn business page.

Submit an online ad

LinkedIn Careers allows companies to publish ads on social network. They are then distributed to the potential candidates. They can also be shared by the professional communities.
  • Ads are grouped in the Careers pages
  • Write a job description.
  • Promote the ads.
  • Evaluate real-time feedback.

According to figures provided by LinkedIn, "a paid ad is seen 500 times on average and will revieve over 50 applications."
LinkedIn Careers also allows you to make searches based on criteria or keywords: skills, training, company name ...

How to identify the passive candidates

These are professionals who fit the needs of the business, but didn't engage themselves into an active job search. They may be receptive to a new professional opportunity.
LinkedIn Recruiter is the tool you need to find and contact these users
  • Contact via InMail.
  • More accurate searches using multiple filters.

How to contact candidates or professionals?

A candidate or a professional can be contacted in several ways:
  • Using InMail the internal messaging system of LinkedIn.
  • Contact a use through a common professional relationship.
  • Contact professional using their personal data (linked to an online resume).

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