Restore, create and delete restore points

August 2017

Restore, create and delete restore points

What is System Restore?

The System Restore restores your computer, based upon latest system configuration (one day earlier). System Restore does not backup your personal files. This feature does not give the possibility to recover a personal file that has been deleted or damaged.
It is necessary and advisable to regularly back up your personal files and important data. Via the Control Panel and Backup and Recovery Center.
  • Acessing this feature:
    • Start/All Programs/Accessories/ystem Tools/System Restore.
    • Or the control panel and backup and recovery center. On the left, choose "Repair Windows using System Restore"
  • To choose a restore point, click Next: In the panel choose a day for restoration, by clicking on the day date and time and click Next. Once the process is launched, it is impossible to stop or to remove.
  • Vista automatically creates restore points, above those that you can create yourself. To create a restore point:
  • Click on System Protection and then select and check the disk for which you want to create a restore point and then made a click Create.
    • A small panel will display a few words that remind you in brief the contents of the restore point.
    • After confirmation, Vista will create a restore point.
    • You will receive confirmation of the point of creation and success!
  • It is possible to delete restore points simply by unchecking the disk on which you want to delete the restore points: click on Apply and OK. Vista will delete all restore points on selected disk.
    • To delete everything, just make a click on the Disable System Restore


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