Creating an AVI video with menu

March 2017


  • If you want to create a movie (avi or whatever) with MENU:
  • Normally AVI video files can't be burned with a menu.


  • However, it might be possible to achieve this with the Quick Menu Builder software.
  • Divx Author (proprietary software ) is another solution to achieve this kind of project. However, the video can be viewed onlywith the DivX Player.

In both cases, the video will be readable on a computer.

Alternative solutions

Otherwise, a video with a menu can be created with an authoring program, just as the commercial DVD . The menu is more or less simple and often limited to a few options.
  • In free category, there is DVDStyler, AVStoDVD, DVD Flick
  • There is also Sothink DVD Movie Maker, version 3, which can add a short introductory message to a converted video.
  • SuperDVD Video Editor is a free software with a lot of options.
  • For those using Vista or Windows 7, the Windows DVD Maker allows you to make a DVD-Video with menu, but DVD burning is required.
  • On a computer, this kind of project can be read with software VLC player as such.


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