Connect your PC to Wireless Internet (WiFi)

February 2018

Here is a trick aimed at helping people who want internet without going through wire connections.
We focus on WiFi, the simplest and most popular solution.

What is WiFi

WiFi or WLAN as it is commonly known is fast becoming the preferred mode of connecting to the internet. Many people are not aware of the descriptions and explanations related to it. WiFi gets its name from a certification called Wireless Fidelity given to networks operating under 802.11 standards. WiFi allows computers, PDAs and other devices to connect to a broadband connection in a wireless mode. The 802.11 standard defines the wireless communication operating via electromagnetic waves.

Required Equipment

For several years, almost all laptops are equiped with a wireless network card so do not need extra hardware
In the case of a desktop computers, which certainly includes a wired network card ([/ happy / 1113 Ethernet-Ethernet]), you'll need a wireless reception device. The most suitable and known in the market solutions are:

USB WiFi Key

This is the simplest solution, it is possible to buy one in supermarkets and online. It plugs into a USB port on the PC.
The lastest keys can provide up to 300 Mbps (802.11n) with a longer range than other keys.
You have to buy a key corresponding to the standard of your box router (802.11g is the current standard and most common).

Configuring the Wireless Network

Once your purchase made, you must configure the wireless network.
To prepare all that, you need:
  • Your key or WiFi card
  • The installation cd key / card

Your internet box's security key (WEP or WPA), usually located on your box to rear or below in the manual of the box, or you can find the code in the settings of the internet box via internet.
  • The SSID (network name of your box) available in the manual or via Internet, in the settings section.
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