Format Factory - Convert your media files

September 2017

Format Factory - Convert your media files

Format Factory is a free universal converter for your audio and video files.

Set the output folder

  • Click on Option > Option > Output folder > Change

Convert your files with Format Factory

Audio files

Any extension to:
  • Sample rate: The output file will have the same sample rate as the source file (Example: 44100Mhz).
  • Bitrate: Set the rate in KB/s.
  • Audio channel: Set the audio channel to "Stereo".
  • Volume Control: Maintain 100% (if the file is not subject to distortion).

If you need to convert multiple songs at the same time, be sure create several batches and convert them separately.
  • Gather all the 320Kbps (48000Hz) tracks in a folder to convert them separately from the others.
  • Repeat the operation for 320Kbps (44100Hz) tracks, 256Kbps (48000Hz),.....and so on!


Any extension to:
  • Size limit: You can set a default size for your converted files.
  • Rotation: You can rotate your photos at a preset angle.


  • Any extension to:

  • Video encode: Choose the compression mode of your video (DivX and Xvid are the most compatible.)
  • Choose the desired size.
  • Choose the Bitrate (Kb/s)
  • FPS: Choose the number of frames per second (25-30).
  • Aspect ratio: Choose the format of your videos (4:3, 16:9).
  • Encode 2 pass: The quality will be better, but the conversion will take longer.


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