Clean and optimize your PC with Slowin' Killer V2

September 2017

Clean and optimize your PC with Slowin' Killer V2

Your PC is experiencing slowdowns? Here's a free program that allows you to configure, optimize and clean your system!


Slowin 'Killer is an optimization tool, that can:
  • detect unnecessary or rarely used softwares
  • detect unnecessary startup services
  • detect unnecessary software services
  • detect and repair damaged shortcuts
  • optimize the system by cleaning the registry.
  • delete unnecessary data (temporary files..)

Download and installation

Getting started with Slowin' Killer V2

  • Once installed, Slowin' Killer V2 will place 3 shortcuts on your desktop:
  • Click on Slowin 'Killer to start the program.
  • Click on Advise about slowin 'Killer to get help online.
  • Click on Clean memory to clear the memory.

Scan your PC

  • Launch the program:

  • Click on "System analyse" and start the scan.
  • At the end of the scan a web page will open, click on "yes" to view the report of the scan.

Clean and optimize

Tick the checkboxes next to detected items and click on Manual correction to finalize the optimization process.

The Software tabs

It will reference the programs that are randomly used or not being used at all.

Startup tab

It will list the programs launched at startup. Some of them are not required!

The Shortcut tab

  • Identifies the paths of broken shortcuts that you can remove.

The Services tab

  • List unnecessary services and those you do not use.

The Registry tab

  • Repair and optimize the registry.

The Clean tab

  • Clean temporary files, browsing data, logs.....

Advanced Configuration

  • Click on File > Advanced Settings.

The Task tab

  • All scheduled tasks are listed here!

The Download tab

  • Downloads (made via your web browsers) are listed here!


  • Go to the "Tools" menu and click Restore.
  • Select the items you want to restore:
  • Go to the Restore tab:


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