Tablets and smartphones - Deploying the necessary support for mobile devices in the company

September 2016

Tablets and smartphones - Deploying the necessary support for mobile devices in the company

Many companies choose to equip their employee with mobile terminals as they make it possible to respond to new challenges in terms of mobility, communication and versatility. The deployment of a fleet of mobile terminals must nevertheless be accompanied by series of new security measures within the company.

Mobile terminals: increasingly used in business

The mobile terminal market experienced a very significant growth between 2012 and 2014. According to study conducted by french based Scholé Marketing in October 2014 , 72% of businesses (SME) are equipped with mobile terminals (excluding laptops). Tablets and smartphones are increasingly being integrated into corporate work habits. In many situations where companies don't provide mobile terminals, employees favors the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. In 2013, a study conducted by Vanson Bourne (a firm specializing in virtualization software and VMware Cloud Computing) showed that 62% of French employees felt that their company did not provide them with the necessary tools and mobile applications. Nevertheless, according to the same study, more than 75% of the companies involved have implemented or were planning to implement a policy related to mobile devices.

Why establish mobile device support in the company?

Mobile devices benefits from several technological advances that justify their daily use in the company. What are these advances? How they affect the business?
  • 3G and 4G network - facilitate the exchange of large volumes of data.
  • File compatibility - content from mobile devices can be shared and viewed on other type of devices (PC, laptops..).
  • Mobile devices are best suited for certain situations - screen size, storage, mobility.

These developments help to clear the obstacles for professionals. They also allow mobile devices to meet the new challenges:


  • Quick access to information regardless of the physical location of the employee.
  • The ideal tools for telecommuting or business travel.


  • Facilitate interaction between an employee and a customer, for example during a sale or presentation of a project.
  • Modernize presentations and collaborative work.


  • Having a multi tasking/purpose tool at hand
  • No specific training required, the employee is already accustomed to the device.

Tablets and smartphones: How to deploy the right support in the company

Choose appropriate support

  • Operating system, screen size, performance: tablets and smartphones have various specifications. The company can first identify and prioritize their needs to determine which type of mobile device will be the most suitable.
  • Capacity and Connectivity: determine the connection modes that will be favored for data exchange (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G ...) and the needs in terms of storage.
  • Operating system: OS, Android, Windows Mobile ... The choice of the operating system will determine the available applications and their cost.

Security risks

The security of mobile devices is a major challenge for the company:
  • Hacking of sensitive data in case of theft.
  • Access to sensitive data through insecure terminals.
  • Misuse of mail (phishing, virus,...).

These risks are tenfold when employees use their personal devices to access corporate data (BYOD). The deployment of a fleet of new terminals must be accompanied by a risk management policy.
  • Limit the access to enterprise data from mobile device.
  • Use of dedicated applications for management of files and customers.
  • Secure access to the company's cloud.
  • Enable remote access to terminal in case of theft.
  • Secure Wi-Fi connections and block access from unidentified devices.

The good practices

The deployment of mobile devices in the enterprise, must be accompanied by the necessary support:
  • Establishment of a charter: compliance with safety standards, risk awareness...
  • Training: Master the OS or professional applications.
  • Risk awareness: data protection. passwords, synchronization and data backup, secure Wi-Fi connections ...

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