Acer 5100 laptop won't boot

August 2016

There may be times when your laptop computer asks you to boot. If you use an Acer 5100, it may be that your computer will not boot, unless you click the F2 button. Whenever the black screen appears on your Acer 5100, the booting process will stop immediately. Even after setting up the utilities, the booting device may still not work properly. This is not a hardware issue but an AMD socket issue. According to experts, the reason for this could be down to the movement from the copper heat exchanger in your laptop computer.


When I turn on my Acer 1500 laptop, the only option I have is to click F2 to go to the setup of utilities. Otherwise the laptop won't boot.

E.g: after the logo pops up and the booting begins the laptop only has a black screen and stops all the booting progress. When I tried to go through the setup utilities and boot in safe mode, it gave me the same results.

Is my computer infected or is this due to some hardware issues?


This is not an Acer issue but an AMD socket issue. The reason is that the copper heat exchanger of the AMD processor (in the socket) has moved (it may happen if you accidentally dropped your laptop).

To fix this issue:
  • 1. Remove the large cover on the bottom of the laptop.
  • 2. Remove the screws from the fan.
  • 3. Remove the four screws from the CPU bracket.
  • 4. Carefully remove the copper heat exchanger.
  • 5. Turn the screw on the CPU socket left to unlock.
  • 6. CAREFULLY!!! remove the CPU and re-seat (DISCHARGE STATIC FIRST!!)
  • 7. Reseat CPU, turn screw to right to lock, replace copper heat exchanger, replace fan.
    • Good luck and be careful.

Thanks to dbm for this tip.

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