Install and Activate MTS Dongle For First Time on Your Computer

September 2017

Installing your 3G Internet dongle is often known as a headache for many. But here, in just few steps, we will make this task very easy. First, unbox your MTS dongle packet and plug the device in your computer. Even if it is a Wi-Fi dongle, you have to plug it in the computer for the very first time to activate.

Install MTS Dongle For First Time

Soon after plugging-in the device, you will see a pop message asking you to auto-install the device in your computer. Click on the Install button and wait for the completion of the process.

In case if the auto message does not appear, you should go in My Computer and select on the MBlaze icon which is appearing in Device with removal storage section. You will have to double click on the link for the installation.

Activate MTS Dongle For First Time

After installing the device, a default browser will be opened with a default MTS page where you will have to click on Activate MBlaze. The red page will be automatically popped up soon after the completion of the installation process. After clicking the activation key, another window will appear asking you to enter the user name and password.

Is Your Password Missing?

Just type admin in both boxes (password and username) and click on the Log In button. Another window will appear showing the message Click on 'activate' to activate device. You have to click on the Activate to proceed. You have to wait for few seconds as this step takes some time. Insure that you or nobody is closing the window during the process.

The next message will confirm the status of your activation. It will be Activation Successful. Your device is activated without any issue this time. In case you receive Activation Failed, click on the Activate button for one more time.

It is reported that many users could not activate their device in one attempt.


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