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How to Secure your Netgear router?

May 2016

The Wireless Netgear router is widely used but it poses security concerns. If one has got the Netgear router, then securing it can be a major concern because the IP and admin username, password and username are all stored in it. This enables only reliable people to access the router or network. The below article has the default Netgear router address which must be secured from hackers intending to steal data from the network. WEP must be chosen from the configuration settings to keep security type to automatic with minimum "64 bit" encryption length. In the settings option, any 10 digit as code confirmation will make the network secure.


It is highly recommended to secure your router to restrict users, or allowing only trusted users to access your wireless network. If you have just purchased a Netgear router and it is not secured - which is its default settings - this will let superfluous users to connect and steal your wireless internet connection and also access your machine to hack and steal your data.


  • Before starting, you should access your wireless router's settings and configuration page

The default address for your Wireless Netgear Router is
(depending upon the IP address of the router).

This address should be entered on a web browser.
  • You will be asked to enter the:
    • Username: admin (default)
    • Password: password (default)

I would advise you to change the username and password
  • On the Configuration menu, Click "wireless settings" under setup
  • Make security as WEP
  • Security type: select "automatic"
  • Encryption strength: Select "64 bit"
  • Check on key 1 and type in any 10 digit key. Click on "apply the settings"
  • Then your PC will ask you for the WEP key. You will have to enter the 10 digit key and confirm the same and click "connect".
  • Now you have enabled WEP for your wireless network and it is secure.

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