Outlook.com - Display a Move to Archive Button Next Your Messages

September 2017

Email archiving in an important step in keeping your email folders organized, especially when you have to deal with a large number of email messages on a daily basis. The Archive folder is where all your old but yet important messages are saved. This tutorial explains how to create an instant action to easily move your messages to the Archive folder of Outllook.com.

Connect to Outlook.com, click on the Cog icon > Options. Go to Customizing Outlook.com > Instant actions:

At this point you have two choices; either select Show on mouse over to create an new instant action that will be displayed when you move the mouse cursor over a message or select Show always to permanently display the new option next to messages. Click on Add actions menu and select Move to:

Under Moves a message to a folder you choose select Archive. Select an icon for the new instant action and click on Save:

Go back to your message list. You can now move messages to the Archive folder in a single click:


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