Portdesk - Having personalized desktop on a USB key

December 2016

How to install a desktop on your USB?

Materials needed:

  • - A 4 or 8 GB key ....
  • - The software Portdesk
  • - The portable applications that you find here.

Preparation & Installation

  • - First, download the software Portdesk(8MB_Italian version).
  • - Unpack the archive. Copy the directory Portdesk, portdesk.exe files and autorun.inf in the root of your USB drive (double-click the key then copy and paste).
  • - Open the file autorun.inf and replace PORTDESK1.EXE by PORTDESK.EX on 2 lines.
  • - You can now start Portdesk and you end up with an office that consists of a clock, a calendar, a Google search bar and a menu that has My Documents and Recycle Bin ...
  • Installation of portable applications:
  • - These portable applications are all free software, which can be found on http://portableapps.com/
  • - Download it in one, one that pleases you. I will use the Sudoku for example. Installation is the same for all others.
  • - Install the software in the directory Portdesk\Applicazioni\Sistema.
  • - Then add the shortcut menu by right-clicking and then nuevo (+ green).
  • - Insert the link by using Browse.
  • - Click it, and then the software launches ... do the same with each application you have downloaded.

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