Keeping a Corporate Website Up-To-Date

September 2016

A corporate website plays a critical role in the global communication strategy of any business. It provides valuable information to the public about the company operations (services or products), history, mission statement, and additionally promotes business in many other ways (branding, online visibility...). This article highlights how the image and the visibility of the company may suffer from the obsolescence of its website and thus the importance of staying up to date with the latest web technologies.

The importance of a corporate website

A website can offer several advantages to a company, even if its core activities are not related to e-commerce/web. It offers a new channel where the company can showcase its expertise, products, services or values, while promoting interaction with customers and prospects.

Why you should keep your website up-to-date

A corporate website will primarily provide long term benefits, so it should be built around scalable and versatile technologies. This choice will affect how well the website ranks on the web based on the type of content offered (SEO). It will also determine its ability to adapt to changes brought to the algorithms of the search engines, to security related issues and to new browsing habits of users (mobile devices).

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How to update your website

Depending on how the company's website has been developed (in-house or turnkey solution), the content and technical updates/maintenance can be performed in-house or assigned to the service provider:

Updating the content of the website

Regularly post news related to the company.

Create posts/pages for new products or services.
Check for the presence of obsolete content.

Performing a technical upgrade of the website

Keep the CMS (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress...) and its extensions up to date.
Ensure compatibility with current web standards (Mobile browsing, SEO...).
Transition to responsive design.
Removal or modification of obsolete sections or pages of the website.
Ensure compatibility with latest security standards to prevent hacking and data loss.

The complete redesign of the website

A complete redesign may be required when the website has reached technical obsolescence, which is the case for most websites published in Flash.

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