Enable Cortana in Microsoft Edge

October 2017

Cortana is one of the most prominent features of Microsoft's new operating system and users can interact with intelligent personal assistant from their desktop by clicking into the Windows 10 Search box, or from within the Edge web browser.

This tutorial will teach you how to enable Cortana in Microsoft Edge.

How To Enable Cortana in Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge, click on the More Actions menu and go to Settings. Scroll to Advanced Settings and then click on the View advanced settings button. Toggle the Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge switch On:

Cortana is now enabled in Microsoft Edge.

How To Use Cortana in Microsoft Edge

There are actually two ways Cortana can help you with your web searches in the Edge web browser.

Activate Cortana from the Address Bar

Cortana can help you find the scores for your favorite teams, fetch stocks news and information, check for the weather and time, search for the definition of a word, or perform instant calculations and conversions. Simply type your question (natural language input) in the address bar and Cortana will instantly display the information you seek in a small widget right below the address bar:

Activate Cortana from the Contextual Menu

The second method involves asking Cortana for the definition of a particular word or phrase in a webpage. Highlight the desired word or phrase, right-click on the selection and select Ask Cortana from the contextual menu:

The results will be displayed in a sidebar:

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