Uninstalling software on Ubuntu

December 2016

Ubuntu is the free open source operating system used in Linux distribution. It may be that in a computer based on Ubuntu OS, the user wishes to uninstall certain softwares that are unwanted. This process will free the disk space and make the system faster, but removing or uninstalling software in Ubuntu is different from Windows. Unlike the latter OS where keying of commands is not required to accomplish this process, in Ubuntu one has to give specific commands via the GUI tool. It is important to note that for removing a package with all configuration files, or just the package there are specific commands that need to keyed in by the user.

Uninstalling software on Ubuntu


So you want to Remove/Uninstall unwanted programs from your Ubuntu system which will help you to save disk space? In fact, the process of removing applications on Ubuntu is not the same as in the Windows System. In Ubuntu you will have to use commands by starting the GUI tool! So you will have to use the command apt-get command line tool which is responsible for managing packages.


  • To remove a package (Application) with all configuration files, you just have to open the command console.
  • Type:

sudo apt-get  --purge remove [package name]
  • To remove the package only type:

sudo apt-get remove [package name]
  • To get a list of all installed packages type this:

dpkg --list    
dpkg --list | less    
dpkg --list | grep -i 'http'

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