How To Delete Your Google Search History

September 2017

Google stores the information gathered from the services and apps associated with your Google Account within a log known as Web & App Activity. It allows Google to offer personalized content to users (search results, suggestions, and relevant ads) based on their previous searches.

However, if you'd like to stop Google from collecting information on you, there's a simple way to opt out of this service.

How To Clear Your Google Web & App Activity

Click account settings and sign in with your Google account. Next, go to Control what you share with Google > Your searches and browsing activity:

Here, you'll find all the tools you require to control you privacy.

How To Opt Out of Google's Data Collection

Simply toggle the Your searches and browsing activity switch Off to opt out of the Web & App Activity service.

How To Clear Your Web & App History

Click on Manage Activity and you'll be taken to a page titled Web & App Activity. Click on the Ellipsis button displayed at the top-right corner and select Delete options:

This will open a dialogue window titled Delete Web & App Activity for. You can delete of all your data by selecting Advanced > All time and clicking on Delete:

All your previous searches will be deleted.


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