How to Upgrade to iOS 9

September 2016

iOS 9 was officially released on September 16, 2015. How to upgrade your iPhone? What are the new features available? Is your device compatible? All you need to know about Apple's new mobile OS is here, in this tip.


iOS 9 is compatible with all devices that currently support the latest version iOS 8 that is to say v 8.4.1. Here's a list of compatible devices:

iPhones - iOS 9 is compatible with the iPhone 4S and all the models that followed.
iPads - As for the Apple's tablet, iOS9 is compatible with all iPad models except for the 1st gen one.
iPod Touch- Owners of the iPod Touch (5th and 6th generation) may also switch to iOS 9.

The update file has a size of 1.8 GB, so prior to its download it is strongly recommended to free up storage space (backup your media files on a PC and remove unused apps). Afraid of losing your data (contacts, messages, media files...)? Don't hesitate to make a backup of your device with iTunes or iCloud.

Upgrading your iOS device

Make sure that your device is charged (at least 50%) and connected to Wi-Fi. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and if all of the above conditions are met, proceed to the download and installation of iOS9.

The main features of iOS 9


Siri benefits from an improved interface and can better understand voice queries made using a natural language.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay has already been deployed United Kingdom and will be hitting the US in October 2015. The Passbook has been replaced by Wallet.


In an effort to improve the Maps app, Apple launched Transit, an integrated feature to assess the possible routes, including those used by public transport. Transit is already available for several cities in the world. Maps has also been enriched with a feature to locate nearby contacts on a map.

Apple News

News is an application dedicated to news and it stands as a direct competitor to Flipboard. Apple will soon begin to deploy the app in the UK, Australia and USA.


The Notes app now allows you to create checklists, draw stuffs and add photos to your notes. You can also create notes or update an existing one from other apps, using the Share button. You can, for example add attachments, web pages, photos, documents or links to your notes.

Content blocking with Safari

The Safari browser now allows you to block ads displayed in the web pages you visit. Learn more: How to block ads in Safari.

Battery Saver mode

iOS 9 introduces a new battery saver mode. Learn more: How to enable the Low Power Mode.


Multitasking finally arrives on iPad. The Split View function allows you to divide the screen of your tablet and use two app simultaneously.


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