Printing From a Samsung Galaxy Note 5

October 2017

This guide explains how to use Wi-Fi to print from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This configuration will allow your smartphone to work with a regular printer (HP, Brother, Lexmark, Canon...) connected to the same wireless network, without the need for you to use Google Cloud Print, or install third party app and drivers.

How To Print from a Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Go to Settings > Connections > More Connections Settings > Printing. Once the Printing Options menu opens, tap on + Download plug-in, and choose the plug-in(s) you want to install from the list (all the main manufacturers are present). If you have a Samsung printer, you will want to download the official Samsung Print Service Plug-In. The same principle applies for all other brands.

Once the plug-in is installed, go back to the Printing Options and select Samsung Print Service Plug-In. Toggle the option On. Your smartphone will then search for compatible Samsung printers that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The Samsung Print Service Plug-In is installed by default on most Samsung smartphones, but the the app is also compatible with other Android devices (as from v 4.4). You can download the Samsung Print Service Plug-In on the Google Play Store.

Image: © Samsung.


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